Personal Leadership Experience

You are much more powerful than you can imagine. In our Personal Leadership Program, you get to learn about yourself, discover the power of having a vision, embrace your talents and acquire skills to bring your full potential into the world. 

You will become a more assured and proud self-leader.

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Emotional Intelligence Experience

Working with and through others is how we get things done. Yet, it can be complicated and that is why people with high emotional intelligence make nearly an additional $30,000 on average. Yes, EQ out ranks IQ.

After going through our comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Experience, you will be equipped with tools to enhance your people skills and help bring the best out of others. (1.5 CEU)

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Creating Organizational Culture Experience


According to research, there is nothing more important to an organization's success than its culture.

In our Creating Organizational Culture Experience we provide a road map for increases employee engagement and retention. Using 10 videos and 10 coaching sessions you will do a deep dive into what researchers have discovered to improve employee productivity and satisfaction. You will discover how to cultivate behaviors across generations that will propel your organization into the highest version of itself. (1.5 CEU)

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Leadership and Management Experience

 Whether a new leader or a seasoned one, leading others is as much an art as it is a science. You must think strategically, motivate, and align your actions. AlightSuccess’ Leadership and Management Experience does two things: first, gives you practical tools needed to lead in today’s ever changing organizations and second, helps you harness the power of those you are leading. Including 10 videos and 10 coaching sessions, leaders will meet with coaches to talk through challenges, role play conversations, and develop systems to support the organization. Once completed, participants will earn 1.5 CEU.

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Diversity, Equity and Belonging

Leading various temperaments, natures, ethnicities, beliefs and expectations requires skills. Knowing how to confront and alleviate unconscious biases, prejudices, misaligned expectations, while cultivating a positive path forward is the work at hand. In this 10 video 5 live coaching session program, you will learn how to lead from a place of vision and foster an inclusive, nonjudgmental work environment for all employees. The result is a work environment where everyone can show up as their best selves. 1 CEU.