New Coaching Platform Streamlines Businesses’ Employee-care Footprint


Chapel Hill, NC — Sept. 19   Every employer hates losing good employees. Not only is it expensive to recruit and train someone new, but turnover inhibits the ability of the larger team to perform efficiently.  A report by Deloitte found losing employees can cost anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars up to twice their annual salary. According to McKinsey, the number one reason people quit their jobs is because they feel uncared for by management.  AlightSuccess Personal Leadership Coaching offers a solution to these problems by helping managers extend their employee-care footprint. This innovative coaching experience builds employee loyalty, self-direction, and motivation through a series of educational videos by AlightSuccess founder, Kristin Hiemstra and then combining them with live coaching. The videos focus on a variety of topics including personal vision, self-management, and finding purpose in the workplace.  Live coaching sessions help employees process and apply the concepts in their lives and workplace.  

Kelly Gangl, former Vice President of Talent and Culture Development at North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and AlightSuccess proponent agrees. “The Personal Leadership Coaching Experience adds information, context and a forum to personally apply the lessons learned. You have workbook activities, a coach and a lot of opportunities to process the content. People don’t learn as much if they don’t have a way to apply it to their personal situations; this is why coaching is key. The coach is the accountability partner and that is what makes this program  unique. The service is an online program that allows learners to access the materials at anytime via their phone or computer. It’s a great supplement to in-house staff. The program helps individuals who feel overwhelmed or stressed to take steps to feel more in control of their lives. Plus, it is a scalable solution that can be offered as a resource to employees who want personal development opportunities.” 

“The Personal Leadership Coaching Experience came to me out of necessity.” says Kristin Hiemstra. “In teaching MBA students as well as in my coaching, I have found that many employees are unhappy about work conditions that they actually have some control over, they just don’t recognize it. While wellness programs and coaching can help, they don’t address the deeper issues at play involved with leading oneself. Bigger questions like working with a larger vision and finding purpose in work are missing, leading people to go searching elsewhere. The Personal Leadership Coaching Experience bridges that gap between the individual corporate needs.”


Kristin is a professional coach and teaches MBA students at North Carolina State University’s Poole School of Management. She is available to discuss the needs of workers, impact of organizational culture, and current business leadership challenges.