A Message from Kristin Hiemstra

Welcome. I'm so pleased you are checking out our programs and coaching. Please allow me to share with you a bit about the experiences and myself.

First up: The Personal Leadership Experience.
My Personal Leadership Experience is very different from anything out there. I created it because I spent years ....okay, if I am totally honest, decades ... searching for something that went deeper than the programs and assessments I had access to. I looked everywhere - from religion, to coaching, to counseling,  to mythology, etc....  I left no stone left unturned.  (For the record, I'm a professionally certified coach, have a Master degree in Counseling, and a BA in Anthropology) 
In the end what I discovered was the deeper dive I did, the more interesting, mysterious and fulfilling life became - not just my life, but everyones. What started as a one way view of me looking for something I felt was missing, ended up becoming a two-way conversation with something far deeper and greater. This program is equally about connecting intuitively with your own inner guidance as it is about learning how to lead yourself and others through the daily experience of life. 
At the end of the day, the Personal Leadership program is practical. I guarantee you will learn powerful leadership strategies that you can immediately implement in every area of your life and if you don't, I will gladly give you your money back.  I really hope you join me because there is a lot of amazing stuff inside of you that the world needs and no one else can deliver the way you can.

Next up, the Emotional Intelligence Experience. As a counselor and coach for 2 decades I can say with great certainty, the one thing that causes more happiness and strife in a persons life is their ability to handle their emotions. All of our lives are emotional before they are anything else. Even our logic is built around our emotions because logic comes from our desire - our desire to accomplish something. Understanding how to navigate the complicated world of emotions gives you an advantage in life and business, not to mention one study found people with higher emotional intelligence make an average of $29,000 more than those without. Not only are you able to understand others better, but you will increase your circle of influence allowing you to get more of what you want out of life.
Finally our Creating Organizational Culture Experience is perfect for those who are looking to build an innovate, equalitarian, supportive organization. This program is literally the result of a dream I had one night about Denmark and an airplane assembly factory.  Having worked and led in many different for-profit and non-profit companies, one thing is clear - the better the company is to their employees, the better the employees mental health and self-respect. When you have creative, invested, mentally healthy, self-respecting people in a community, you've struck gold.  
This program provides a blueprint with practical advice for creating the best organization possible. 

How does it work?

We know that words don't teach the way experience does, so we are taking you on a self-empowerment journey. 

Each of our programs includes 10 videos you can watch at your convenience that dive deep into the human experience. 

We then pair each video with a coaching session. After each lesson you will meet with a professional coach - either one-on-one or in a group format - and process what you've learned and put it into practice immediately. 

Each program runs over the course of 10 weeks. 


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